Concon Railway Corporation officials and the Margao black and yellow Taxi operators resolved their differences on the payment of counter charges.
    As per the understanding reached between two parties, about 30 taxis will ply from the railway station stand by paying the CRC Rs. 3,000 per month as parking charges. Earlier, the CRC had insisted that the taxi operators pay them Rs,4,500 while the operators were willing to pay Rs.2,000.
    Similarly, both the CRC and the taxi operators have settled the  difference over the three months advance money to be paid, the former for using the railway property. The taxi operators has now agreed to Rs. 9,000 as three months advance amount as against Rs. 13,500 which was earlier fixed by the CRC.
    The taxi operators will not have to pay the counter licence fees since the pre-paid counter will be temporarily run from the police counter outside the station entrance. However, as and when a new counter is opened at the taxi stand, the operators will be charged a fees of Rs.1,000 as against Rs. 1,500 which was fixed earlier.
    In fact the pre-paid counter which was mooted by the taxi operators themselves to prevent fleecing of passengers at the station was delayed due to the differences over the payment of charges of the CRC.
    The point-to-point dropping fares have also been worked out by the taxi operators as per the original government gazette and the same has been provisionally approved by the Assistant Director of Transport, and Member Secretary, RTA, South, E K Singbai.
    Margao Taxi Drivers and Operators Association, Secretary Venkatesh Keni disclosed that the fares were calculated taking into account the additional kilometers involved from the heart to the village, town and city.

Margao Station
Rs. 787
Dona Paula
Rs. 420
Rs. 546
Dabolim airport 
Rs. 294 

Goa Medical College
Rs. 336
Rs. 346
Rs. 420

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