Archaeological Sites and Forts

Many forts built in the sixteenth century are situated at vantage points. Fort Aguada, Goa's most famous fort, is also its most awesome. Built over a period of eight years, it provided water to ships anchored nearby giving it the name 'Agua' {meaning ‘water’ in Portuguese}. It is now used as the central civil jail. Other places of interest are the Viceroy's Arch at Old Goa-the entrance to the city, the Idalcao Palace, now housing the Secretariat and the statue of Abbe Faria the Mystic at Panaji.

Aguada Fort

Alorna Fort

Arvalem Caves

Cabo de Rama Fort

Chapora Fort

Mormugao Fort

Nanus Fort

Reis Magos Fort

Tambdi Surla Temple

Tiracol (Terekhol) Fort

Viceroy's Arch, Old Goa

Shiva Temple, Chandor

Buddhist Caves, Rivona

Buddhist Caves, Lamgao

Corjuem Fort

Gate of College of St. Paul, Old Goa

Gate of Palace of Adil Shah, Old Goa

General Light House at Aguada

Museums &Art Galleries

Archaeological Museum and Portrait Gallery, Old Goa                                                                                          

State Archives museum of Goa, Panaji

Museum of Christian Art, Rachol  

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